The RyeDiver D-litter

The birth of our D-litter was a drastic experience in our still young breeder's life. On 25 June 2021 Amber gave birth to 5 big, strong puppies by c-section. 3 of them - a girl and 2 boys - did not survive the surgery. Two males made it to life, but one of them had inhaled amniotic fluid at birth, which inflamed his lungs and we had to put him down on day 5.

Despite all the tragedy, we are grateful and happy that we and Amber were left with one little, precious boy. Welcome to this world, dearest Fuchur aka "RyeDiver Dragon of Fortune"!

With our D-litter we wanted to fulfil a little dream - linebreeding to Belroyd Kingbird and thus to the legendary bitch Belroyd Cowslip. In Cosmo (King Cosmo from Kalimandscharo) we found the ideal partner for Amber (Gold Nugget from Valhalos Sargas) after two years of searching. Our thanks go to Cosmo's owner Tessa Müntz and to Nancy Leetz-Rosenbohm, who bred Cosmo and always stands by us - professionally and emotionally. Nancy, you are the best!

See now how our little lucky dragon Fuchur develops in his first 10 weeks of life with us.

Fuchur in his first three weeks of life: