The people behind the corgis

Who we are, where we live and how we came to the Corgi

Behind the name "RyeDiver" are Gloria and Olaf with the four Welsh Pembroke Corgis Scone, Amber, Pola and Guinness. Together we live in the midst of the tranquil Holsteinische Schweiz at lake Plön (GER). A few years ago, this very rural habitat had a certain influence on the choice of the "right" dog breed for us. So we were looking for a medium-sized dog which is not too amitious to hunt, comes robust and in the best case flatters our eye. Quickly we came across the Pembroke Corgi and even faster it had happened to us: Either a Pem or a Pem should move in with us!

In May 2015, our Scone was born in a small, established Danish kennel - a tricolor male with natural bobtail like out of a picture book. Scone also impresses us with his Corgi-typical richness of character - from cheerfulness to humour through the often-mentioned mischievous audacity, and assertiveness, an inexhaustible thirst for learning up to leisureliness - everything is there. Scone made our lives more colourful; with him we discovered the Pembroke scene and got a taste of exhibition air.

Soon our interest in the "big picture" grew and we began to study breeding lines and pedigrees. With the long-term goal to build up our own FCI-registered Pembroke kennel, we finally started looking for a promising bitch. In the course of 2017, we made a double-find in Kaunas (LIT), 1400km away from home, at Valhalos Sargas Kennel owend by Kristina Kazlauskaite-Greseviciene. Amber and Pola descend from a well known Australian line with English or American influences and, in terms of exterior, character and health status are corresponding with our idea of a typeful Welsh Pembroke Corgi of high quality.

With Guinness, who was entrusted to us by Danny Reinkehr (Daredevil's Corgis) and who wonderfully complements our pack in every way, our Corgi gang is complete for the time being.

Living together with four Pems requires a considerable amount of commitment, discipline and time. While Olaf pursues a full-time job, Gloria has decided to give up her former work to be able to meet the needs of all our dogs. So the daily life of our Pems is characterized by long rambles through nature, visits to dog school, guest appearances at Olaf's workplace, romping in the garden and many cuddly evening hours on the much too small sofa. One can easily stand being a “RyeDiver"!

What is important to us

We are a FCI/VDH registered kennel and thus subject ourselves to the regulations set by the Club für britische Hütehunde (CfbrH), that supervises the breeding of Welsh Pembroke Corgis in Germany.

First and foremost, our Corgis are family dogs who accompany us in our everyday lives. Our litter planning depends on the development and constitution of our bitches - only if everything is right here, we begin to search for a suitable stud dog.

With every mating it is our aim to maintain and refine the quality and type of our Pembrokes. To enable the „right“ mating, we accept long journeys if necessary, but never without losing sight of the welfare of the bitch.

Before their first breeding, all our dogs undergo a health check, which i.a. includes an HD examination, an eye exam and several genetic tests. Of course we take the results into account when choosing the stud dog.

In addition to maintaining quality and health, the breeding of Pems of absolutely sound temperament is of great importance to us. Although the Welsh Pembroke Corgi is a working breed whose job it was to drive cattle over large distances across the country, we are convinced that the Pem can represent a wonderful companion and family dog today. To become an easy-going friend on four paws, a dog should be above all intrepid and curious, as well as friendly and balanced in mind. When choosing the parents, we pay attention to a sovereign, loving nature and a medium energy level, so that there is a good chance that these desired character traits will be passed on to the puppies.