The crystal ball

Litter planning

How will we go on?

For 2023 we are planning two litters. In spring we would like to have Astra mated and in autumn Guinness.

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You are interested in a puppy from our kennel?

Please note that we cannot consider any further prospect puppy owners for the spring litter 2023. Applications for the autumn litter 2023 are welcome from September 2023 onwards.

If you would like to introduce yourself to us independently of our litter planning or if you have any questions, we would be pleased to receive a meaningful e-mail in our electronic mailbox.

Our puppy rearing

Our puppies are raised in our house. They spend the first weeks of their lives in a room specially prepared for them, together with their mother and us as the main caregivers. Visitors are welcome from about the fourth week of life, when all puppies are stable. From this age the little ones get to know - depending on the weather - the puppy enclosure in our garden as well as different areas of our living rooms.

The puppies are constantly being made familiar with various environmental stimuli according to their development - from the presentation of various noises through encounters with different people and animals up to small excursions by car to the town or forest. We are also anxious to promote each puppy individually and to prepare them for their life at their future owners and the given requirements.

At the time of departure from the 10th week of life, the puppies are dewormed, vaccinated and chipped, their EU pet passports and pedigrees are at hand and they know their name. Of course every puppy will be given a starter pack with familiar food, toys and some nice surprises.